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1 Pound = 3,500 CALORIES

Nutritional scientist suggest in order to lose 1 pound of body fat, you must burn 3,500 calories.

To the average individual hitting this benchmark is a tall order to accomplish in one day. You'd have to dramatically cut your calories and have an iron clad workout routine to put this science to work. As a competitive Triathlete and IRONMAN, when I go for a 60 mile training session on my road bike, I can easily burn 4,800 calories. Now mind you, we're talking about 3-4 hours of constant steady state exercise with a minimal intake of calories during this training session.

Most scientist agree, you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body, but losing that one pound in just one day is not a sound idea.

Here's Why

Cutting back on your caloric intake will also aid in reducing adiposity (fat retention) and add to your daily caloric deficit. With HGF Training we fervently encourage our clients to shoot for a 500+ calorie expenditure goal in each training session we provide. By doing so, it makes that 3,500 a little easier to bite into.

To make this a more attainable feat of dietary and fitness mastery, shoot for a "weekly" goal of 3,500 calories equating to 1 pound lost per week. By doing so, it becomes less detrimental to your overall health and fitness progress.

If you drop weight too fast you run the risk of losing muscle in the process. If you begin to protein spare or catabolize skeletal muscle, your muscles become weaker and you will not see the benefits of the hard earned hours clocked in the gym or exercising. You will be more fatigued, have a lack of focus, be physically drained or lack the motivation needed to even maintain or stick to any fitness routine.

500 out, 500 less

So take things in stride, spreading your caloric burn over the course of a week, which will allow for better fitness outcomes. As you push for the 500 caloric deficit, also keep in mind that you must reduce you caloric intake by 500 calories as well. When cutting calories only cut out the garbage your body doesn't need to sustain your activities. Simply give the body what it needs and lose the empty calories that don't add value to your health or training.

High Intensity Interval Training session that last no longer than 45 mins should be challenging enough to push your body close to that 500 caloric expenditure. If cutting 500 cals out is difficult to sustain, start with 250/250 caloric deficit and work your way up as your fitness capabilities allow. Participating in a HIIT session will also allow you to burn more calories for the next 48 hours after the exercises has ended.


1 Pond Victories

It really doesn't get any simpler than this. Make it a goal to burn 300-500 calories per day, through sound fitness and exercise in conjunction with equally cutting back on the intake.

With every meal or snack, include a protein to calm the hunger, fiber will fill you up, and healthy carbs to sustain/maintain your energy.

Breakfast: 300-500 calories

Lunch: 300-500 calories

Dinner: 300-500 calories

Two Snacks: 150 each.

This is a sure fired way to lose 1 pond per week if you can maintain daily focus.

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