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Absolute Abs Plus

Ab-solutely the best all around apparatus for your home gym or even when you are on the go. Invented by fitness guru David Copeland, the Absolute Abs Plus is a sure fired way to get it in no matter where you are.

The Absolute Abs Plus is well built and made with high quality materials. It's versatility allows for over 100+ different exercises and exercise combinations for strength development and fitness conditioning. This is also a great apparatus for group exercise settings of any size.

The sleek design can be folded for compact storage or transportation. Deploy your Absolute Abs Plus at the park, in your garage, or in the back yard. People are guaranteed to stop and ask you questions or to try it out. I comes in multiple colors for all taste.


Designed with efficiency in mind, the Absolute Abs Plus will satisfy the exercise needs of fitness enthusiast of all types and ages. It's also has multi attachment points to anchor resistive bands. You can upgrade and add a dip station or on some models, turn it into a sled for pushing or pulling for speed and power training.

I don't think we need to cover the benefits of what daily exercises can do for one's mind, body and spirit. Trust me, I've utilized it and the Absolute Abs Plus will most certainly challenge you from the moment to begin training to the end. Incorporate HIIT-style circuit exercises for maximum benefit. Bring along a friend and train with a partner. Use it to help develop functional mobility of the lower legs as well as stabilizing and engaging the core in multiple planes of motion.

To get more information and order your Absolute Abs Plus, click the hyperlink or go to:

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