Comfort Zone

Stop being a Theorist and become a Practitioner.

When we become "complacent" and "go with the flow" type people we lose our sense of purpose. The is immensely true when it comes to fitness and our training routines. Our training becomes mindless and thoughtless. Our progress stalls and our motivation wanes tremendously. We then become discouraged and unmotivated. We are just going through the motions and accomplishing nothing in the process. Sure, even mindless training is better than not training at all and there is benefit in mindless training. Let's not kid ourselves, we are simply not getting the most out of our training routine when we are comfortable and the intensity is low.

Everyone understands the theory behind fitness, but few are pure practitioners. What I mean by that statement is, some individuals just go through the motions and accomplish little in the long or short-term. They are either limited by their attitudes and/or powerless to push themselves to the next level. How does one reach that next level in your fitness and training goals? That answer is really quite simple.

By adding 1-2 new exercises per week that you've never attempted is a huge step forward. That's what I mean by becoming a practitioner. Practitioners act, adapt, change and grow their fitness prowess. Not only should you add new exercises to your routine, but you should set goals and try to master the new exercise. Example; If you have never done push ups or a strict form pull up, why not challenge yourself by adding them? You don't have to be perfect in your execution, but sincere effort and dedication is a must. Again, it's about getting out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, attempting something new and developing well rounded fitness. Doing the same old fitness routine is being "theorist" and leads to stagnant fitness growth and unfulfilled goals. Whereas a practitioner actively peruses growth by implementing strategies that actually lead you down a road greater athletic success. This approach is necessary because, fitness should not be a mundane activity we force ourselves to do day in and day out.

Furthermore, it is imperative you add "struggle" into your training. Positive gains are only made via struggle and failure. By adding struggle it ups the intensity and forces you step your game up. What good is exercises if it doesn't leave us breathless or exhausted? Fitness is supposed to be difficult, but also allows for a pathway out of our comfort zones. In the process we also learn something new about ourselves and better able to cope with challenges and develop the needed skills to cope with adversities both in the gym and in life.

So take that next step forward in your fitness routine, leveling up and challenge yourself by adding new exercises or increasing your reps or set counts. You will be amazed by your physical and mental growth.

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