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Quick Fit360

A Revolution in Speed and Agility

All hail to the New king in Speed & Agility sports training. The QuickFit360 is the latest revolution in the sports training sphere. As athletes around the world seek an edge on the competition, the QUICKFIT360 is literally turning heads in the industry.

This simple, yet dynamic creation is the most versatile and effective tool in the trainers/athletes toolbox.

It promotes 360 degrees of angular motion and functional movements that have application in nearly every sport imaginable. If there is a sport that requires the body to move in a 360 degree plane of motion, this is definitely a needed tool for your athlete. From the beginner to the elite athlete, the benefits are infinite.

By definition, Agility; is the ability to decelerate, accelerate and change direction while maintaining functional control in the field of play. It helps you maintain your balance, strength, speed as well a body control. On the tennis court, good agility means a faster response time and better performance. On the football field, it means improved functional movements and enhanced natural reflexes. Better agility can also reduce or prevent serious sports related injuries.


There are a multitude of setups and configurations that can be applied for 360 degrees of functional mobility for optimal development. The only limitation of the QuickFit360 is the trainers imagination. The Quickfit360 can also be coupled with other existing agility equipment such as cones, hurdles and agility ladders to make a more dynamic and versatile training session. In the event of sports related injuries, the QuickFit360 can be used in the recovery phase of rehabilitation with a trained Physical therapist or Athletic trainers.


QUICKFIT360 Benefits

Lowers your risk of injury.

The QuickFit360 Benefits the body by improving your body awareness and movement skill. (Proprioception)

Enhances cognitive performance and concentration.

Has a strong correlation with Ankle Function, ankle stability and athletic ability.

Athletes can easily increase running skills.

Athletes can improve their ability to maintain balance, speed, strength.

Can be integrated with the upper extremities.

Improves your ability to react or switch positions rapidly.

Inexpensive and Portable.

The QuickFit360 is the definitive speed and agility tool that every athlete or trainer should have. It's transcends all sports and all levels of athletic abilities. You will not find another system that allows for 360 degrees of dynamic movements, which will translate directly into athletics.

For more information on how you can get your hands on a QuickFit360 click on the hyper link or go to:

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