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Sprint the Fat Away

Burn fat and get shredded with this one simple exercise.

The number one question people always ask is, "What exercises can I do, to lose the most fat in the shortest period of time"? The answer is truly simple. "SPRINT"!

Some consider sprinting the ultimate gains exercises. The bonus is, you can do it anywhere and all you need is open space, hills or flat terrain.

Let's get to the point and right down to the basics. "High intensity yields high results".

I could end this article right here based on the that one quote, but it leaves so much unexplained. Here's why.

If one is pushing themselves to the limit, the results can be astounding in a relatively short period. If enough time is dedicated to the right program, sprints can be the single most incredible training tool for increased speed, strength, power, lean muscle development and not to mention fat loss.

Sprinting takes a certain kind of mindset. Not many people will find comfort in pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion over and over again, but that is what it takes to see the results you are looking for. In so doing you will also gain a heightened mental toughness and the ability to push yourself to a level some will never attain.

Why Is Sprinting So Beneficial?

Caloric burn, baby burn

Sprinting generates higher caloric expenditure. What this means is that you can potentially burn more fat while performing sprinting, which can have a carry over affect for the next 48 hours after long after the sprint session is over. That's right, all out sprinting burns 14+ Kcals per minute. This means you have to go all out for greater than 15-35 seconds. Very few individuals can put out that kind of effort for longer than 35-45 seconds. You shouldn't have to, to get the results you need if done in the right manner. If you can go longer without posing injury, knock yourself out. Just keep in mind this type of training should be reserved for highly advanced and well conditioned athletes. Caution: Not for beginners. Beginners who do not have a strong fitness base/ foundation run the risk of becoming severely injured. Seek a certified specialist or training before engaging in sprint training. Or contact us at for personal training or sprint training.

Fast Twitch Muscle Stimulation

Some people have more fast twitch or slow twitch muscle composition. If you are the slow twitch type, don't worry. Sprinting will stimulate the fast twitch muscle you do have and you will still attain the same benefits as the fast twitchers. In fact, utilizing theses fast twitch muscle will aid in overall fat and caloric consumption.

Increase Human Growth Hormone Factors

This is what increases the muscle mass and allows for the muscle to grow larger and stronger. More muscle mass, the more fat consumption capabilities the body posses. These hormones increase the bodies metabolic response and anti-aging benefits. Which helps promote lean muscle development. These hormones also tells our bodies to lose excess body fact, therefore we become leaner and more capable of handling the anaerobic stress of this type of training (sprints).

Mitochondria production

Sprinting increases our bodies mitochondria. Mitochondria are like little energy factories that takes the nutrients from the food we consume, convert those nutrients into ATP, which our bodies utilize as energy. The more mitochondria you have, the more energy your have for your brain and body. This increase in mitochondria with help supports a more healthier and active lifestyle.

For the reasons and purposes of this article, sprints should be done every 7 to 10 days. If you have never done sprints, you may not be healthy enough to do them at all. If you are reasonably conditioned and able to tolerate the stresses of sprinting, 7 days in between each session should be enough time to fully recover. Sprinting is incredibly hard on the body and central nervous system, so please warm up and cool down accordingly. If you are not fully recovered from your previous session or lack the motivation, delay sprinting for a day or two. Most higher level and elite athletes can tolerate a shorter recovery window and have developed a higher sense of body awareness to know when to increase or reduce training.

Our High Intensity Sprint Formula:

Warm up, 5 minute light jog, to light sweat

Dynamic stretching to engage all of the major muscle involved in sprinting

4-6 Light sprints at 40-50%

4-5 Moderate sprints at 65-75%

3-5 Hard sprints at 80%+

Sprint 10-15 seconds for beginners; 20-25 seconds for Intermediate to Advanced athletes

or 75-125 meters

5-10 minute cool down

Static stretching

In conclusion, sprinting is hands down a phenomenal tool to utilize to accelerate your fitness goals and change your body composition in the shortest period of time. Always train safe and never train above your physical abilities.



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