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The Science Behind Meditation

Why Meditation is necessary from the Medical Science's point of view? From the time of the birth till death the heart works continuously. Everyday the heart pumps 7000 liters of blood, of which 70% blood is pumped to the Brain and the remaining 30% to the rest of body. How does the heart work so efficiently and effectively? Heart works effectively because it follows a discipline. In normal conditions the heart takes 0.3 secs to contract {systole} and 0.5 secs to relax {diastole}. So, 0.3 + 0.5 = 0.8 secs are required by the heart to complete one beat {1 cardiac cycle}. That means in 1 min, the heart beats 72 times which is considered as normal heart beat. During the relaxing phase of 0.5 secs the impure blood travels through the lungs and becomes 100% pure. In some stressful conditions, the body demands more blood in less time and in this situation the heart reduces the relaxing period of 0.5 secs to 0.4 secs. Thus, in this case the heart beats 82 times in 1 min and only 80% of blood gets purified. On more and more demand the relaxing time is further reduced to 0.3 secs & then only 60% of blood is purified. Imagine the consequences of the lesser Oxygenated blood circulating in our Arteries. Deep Breathing is the key to ensure better Oxygenation of the blood. Factors responsible for the activity of the brain : 1. 25% - 30% is due to the Diet we consume. 2. 70% - 75% is due to the emotions, attitude, memories and other processes of the brain. Thus, to calm the brain and reduce the demand on the heart to pump more and more blood, brain needs to be given a rest. Meditation is the most useful tool to calm an agitated mind. When we sit with eyes closed and meditate, the brain gets calmer, heart gets rested, thus insulating us from the Diseases of Heart & Brain. MEDITATION IS THE KEY TO THE REAL HEALING... OUR ANCESTORS THOUGHT US THIS THOUSANDS OF YEARS BACK. HOW MANY KNOWS THIS REAL TRUTH ????

Author Shail

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